Tuesday, May 03, 2005


O'REilly for kids !! there is a book to teach your kids to cut people off and never let them make their points , tell everyone to SHUT UP! and that it a really good idea to agree that your father would be ashamed of you because you were against war. what a great role model.

What is with all these fingers being found in peoples fast food???

Bush makes people from texas look fucking stupid. If you are going to be president of the United States of America and run the most powerful country in the world you really need to develop skills that make it look like you know what you are doing. But what should we expect from from a C student(not that a C student is a bad thing by any means but hey the dude probably has the most important job there is I mean at least a B student is acceptable come on! ) who only got into the IVY School because his rich daddy donated a shitload of money to them? Not much. Bush should have left his job to the professional's which would be a person who can react quickly and rationally when public speaking. Sure being the president probably leaves a person speechless but hey its been 4 going on 5 years .... improve. So some people say that its messed up to talk about Bush as a person. Well it isnt . Being a president is more than just policies. As a person you are the representative of an entire country and the way you carry yourself DOES matter and if you dont believe that then you are in denial.

On another note

As for the whole war on Iraq its really sad that soo many loyal American's have died to "help fight terrorism". What has been resolved by our president ? lets see OOOOOoooo well we found all the weapons of mass destruction that Bush knew they had .... oh wait there weren't any. But oh thats ok America , We have captured the man responsible for the attacks on 9/11 ! oh wait we captured saddam. What is he up to these days I wonder. he kinda just trailed off.... So we have all these troops and spending billions of dollars on this war on terrorism and we cant find the main person responsible for the attack on 9/11 ? How is this possible? Im glad that Bush has been successful on his goals to capture the terrorist that he sought out and spent billions of dollars and 1000 of lives to complete that. Oh wait that hasnt happend yet. The Bush family and the Bin Laden family have been business partners for years. Osama and Bush Senior go way back . Bin Laden hasnt been found because they arent looking . Bush can just give the fucker a call and talk about hmm lets see maybe the bin ladens and bushes oil stock value going sky high or how successful their business venture with all the national security companies that build tanks and other war materials.
How rich do you gotta be in order to stop being greedy?
As far as policy goes the no child left behind act is such a brilliant idea! Let's test school children to make sure they are getting a good education and base federal funding on how well the schools do and we all know that SPECIAL EDUCATION Children need to score at the same level in order for this all to work out as planned. Doesnt this sound great?
So what am I talking about? I couldnt never do this well. I should just shut up.

Meet The Faulkers:
Well the movie was alright i'd watch it once and then return it for a store credit and buy the best of Mr. T RAP http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2668992?htv=12 . ITs some krunk ass shit my friends. The movie produced many smiles but not much laughing and no pants peeing. .... yes pant's peeing. The originally one rocked but the second as many sequels was ok .

AS for me I have decided that I want to become a teacher. I need to go to advising to see what kind of teacher exactly but I want do Consumer Science I think with teacher certification. I also want to coach basketball at the high school level. Would I not be good at that? I would I know and everyone else knows it . I move out of my apartment soon I cant wait . I must go to sleep now night