Monday, April 04, 2005


Hmmm so I used to be really into a band called "At The Drive In" and I've heard bits and peices of The Mars Volta, well I had a gift card and I bought their sorta new CD and it is Gold! I freaking love it ! I cant stop listening to it. So this morning I started doing something I havent done in a really long time and that is write songs.

In other news , I get my cast off in 2 Thursdays ! Yippie Ky'A Mother Lovers!
hmm so I decided to write about Kelz because I havent done that in a long time.

Hmmm Kelz is just the Best. I hope you like what I got you. Now you have an extensive air freshner collection hahaha. The birds are really loud outside! Buncha Jackasses. but yeah I dunno I Love Kelz with all my heart and I'm pretty sure she knows that. I look very forward to next year and this summer ! I cant wait to do all the fun things that I might not had an opportunity to do. What this is ? I dont know but it will be awesome to be with her at random times instead of just the weekends. Everything feels just so right for once and I'm just really lucky to have such an awesome girlfriend as Douglas says.

So I am looking for people to start a band with in San Marcos and I may not be as talented as people would like but I just want to be part of a band again. I miss that alot. You don't even know. Gosh!

so Peace out my Americans of African Decent ! Keepin it Up to date on the Westside .


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Kelsea said...

I am commenting! I love you <3


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