Tuesday, March 08, 2005


So I have been busy being pissed off at alot of things. I was playing ball and I dislocated my ankle and i cant walk. God I know why people in wheelchairs are pissed off all the time. I hate this. I keep falling. No one here on UTSA wants to help me but Raul. Its really lame. They say let me know if you need anything but everyone avoids me I guess. I hate having to depend on people. I hate being a burden to people this totally is ruining my plans for everything. I cant drive for 8 weeks. I started my job but I think ill get fired because they arent going to want to wait that long. I got a call from Home Depot finally and they want to hire me but I havent called them back yet. UHG!!!! I hate hate hate this. Im in a bad mood alot now. I go back on thursday to get a new cast or something. I just took my Drugs and Society Test and Im not sure how I did.... kinda worries me. All I want to do is be at Texas State. UTSA ... UTS...SUCKS!!! So spring break is going to be limited on what i can do which makes me mad because last spring break I was with this stupid whore that didnt want me to do shit besides stay home and wait for her call as she lied to me about being with like 3 other guys but whocares about that stupid bitch anyway. I am so glad that I'll at least get to spend time with the most awesome girl in my life ... Kelz of course and after all the limitations Spring Break will still be a good time unlike last years bullshit . the year before me and my cousins and bestfriend went to south padre and that was a good time . some great memories haha i love dem fuckers. that would make a good bumper sticker "I Love Dem Fuckers" haha so anywho , umm this summer is gonna be good . Im hopefully gonna be working at home depot or i wanted to kinda work at schlitterbahn just cuz it seems like it would be fun to see stupid people go on water rides. Ummmm I am going to get my Real Estate License the first half of the summer and then Im taking probably my math and science classes the second half. I cant wait for this week to be over Im hating it so much.


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