Monday, March 21, 2005


Today is my Birthday ! Horray!

so i guess ill talk about Spring Break.

Well it started out with me not being able to do anything because of my stupid leg and doctor appointments not to mention im broke. Friday thru Saturday. I just stayed at the apartment. We had some people over and played some drinking games. Kelly came to see me and that was really awesome! but she couldnt stay long . so from there it was me raul kelsea my cousin donnie and john and tamera . Me john donnie and kelsea played drinking games and it was alot of fun ! YEAH DUDE! We went to Dennys after that and john was soo drunk. so on Sunday through Thursday I stayed at Kelz house. It was alot of fun we were just lazy and didnt do much because of my stupid leg! I get the cast off in 4 weeks and I want to get some people together and go tubing because I cant stand not being able to do anything!! So Nicole Brandin and Beth called me drunk. that was really awesome. haha I miss I could have seen that ... STUPID LEG ! ummm so yeah im ready for summer . I need to go see all my friends and I miss all of them alot you dont even know!!

so in other news I figured out I am probably not going to school this summer unless I go to ACC. But I dunno I might just do that or I might just work. I want to work at Schlitterbahn even though alot people have told me that it sucks. Im sure its not a bad summer job. I just dont want a traditional lame ass job. I want to be outside and stuff this summer.

I have been really wanting to start a ska band again but I can never find anyone serious about it and that fucking sucks ! but oh well.

So who is up for going tubing in 4 weeks when I get this cast off?? let me know!

I cant wait to move out of this place. I cant wait to move out to San MArcos
Speaking of that I have a test in political science next thursday so if anyone could help me like review and quiz me or something that would be great. I didnt do too well on the first test so I need all the help I can get. Also if you see some sort of political event I could attend please let me know.

hmmm well now on to the kelsea part of the post.
Kelz is such an awesome girlfriend. I am damn lucky. <3



At 1:27 PM, Blogger Kelsea said...

Happy birthday! Im so happy you were born :P

I <3 ya.


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